Some successes, of course after a lot of mistakes.

Algunos aciertos

Albo Energy - Augmented Reality Vercomo

Our new Augmented Reality Web design service it is now available from Vercomo.

Here we offer exclusive contents of Augmented Reality and 3D Web that are 100% interactive for products of all types and from your own Google Chrome browser, without other third-party apps.

Now you can show all your products and services in three-dimensional models and do it from your own website, where all your visitors will be able to know them and touch them on 3D screen in the same way they would in real life.

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Albo Energy - New Radiator Tango

2018 was the beginning of a new R&D in heating, and with our new Radiator Tango.

On this occasion it is an innovative design in thermal emitters, with a model that uses Tango water heating technology integrated into a robust radiator in cast iron.

The new Tango Radiator is a very low consumption technology (200 W), in a 10-elements body, designed to offer effective heating in environments up to 20 m2 (220 sq ft) at 24°C (75°F) and running 24 hours with up to 10 times lower energy consumption than that of a common electric radiator.

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Albo Energy - Marketing and film productions 4K

In 2018 we also begin with a return to our origins –more than 30 years ago– and now we launch our own advertising and marketing agency, producing our own contents in 4K.

The main idea of this new project is to have under the same roof the areas of technological, R&D and film production of commercial spots, presentations, tutorials and video-manuals of our products.

This new department, within the Albo structure, also includes 4K post-production.

Albo Energy - New Tango Mini

In the middle of 2017 we presented our new Tango Mini, a simple version of our Tango water heater, but this time as an alternative product, designed exclusively for use with common electric water heaters.

Thus, with the Tango Mini, users can disconnect or turn off their current thermos forever, letting the Mini be the technology used to heat the water, something that makes it much faster, more efficient and cheaper, with a very low consumption (400 W only), and using the thermos itself as a hot water tank, offering families an average saving of 400% on all electricity bills.

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Albo Energy - Tango Bot. Artificial Intelligence

In 2017 we began the year with the design of the Tango Bot, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) development that we have created as a virtual web assistant for chat applications.

The idea is to be able to offer visitors to the Tango website an extra means of communication and to attend to their needs, answering all their questions with a 100% automatic service, and available 24 hours in the day, 7 days a week.

We have endowed our development with its own Core, the LEO, which analyzes all questions and can offer semantic answers, also learning from what it does not know and saving the information for new variables.

Albo Energy - Web 3D

We started 2016 with a new R&D in web content, and we thought it would be great to design something that is different from other developments.

So we embarked on the idea of a 3D Web.

Our W3D development is born from the union of ideas with young talents from MIT to design the bases of a dynamic Web-App that allows web users to see in 3D common objects, such as photos, interacting with them when touching them on the screen.

This development is still experimental, and the first 3D results will be available very soon, when web browsers share augmented reality protocols.

Albo Energy - Air - Smoke extractor for kitchens

In June 2016 we started with the design of Air, a new concept in smoke extractors for kitchens.

Based on the Coanda effect, which is applied in F1, aviation and aerospace R&D, today we are testing some developments, and the results are very good.

So we want to offer you a very efficient solution in the extraction of fumes from kitchens with a model that promises to be the most silent (and powerful) extractor that exists.

Albo Energy - Universal cover and protect cars

In 2015 we designed Cubrecoche, the first system of solar, ultraviolet, infrared, dust and water protection, 100% universal for all models of cars on the market, made with special materials of matte reflection, washable, waterproof, seamless, non-adherent and resistant to very high temperatures.

Its unique design allows you to store it in the trunk and it can be installed in the car in less than 10 seconds, by a single person and it can be done with just one hand, something impossible with other protection techniques.

Albo Energy - Look ID - App Android iOS

Look ID is a mobile App project that we started with Android Engine in 2012, and it has been designed to geolocate a contact (added with prior authorization), and be able to do it in real time (point-to-point), in Google Maps, also find it with the device's own camera to see it on the mobile screen, and even find the tracked ID using drones and UAV's, if wanted.

Currently the project has migrated, from the original civil use, to the scientific and military use.

Albo Energy - Cineraw Sparta. Digital Cinema Camera HD 1080 RAW 10 bit 4:4:4

Today we feel much more than proud to have designed in 2008 our first digital cinema camera HD 1080p 10-bit RAW 4:4:4 and without any proprietary codec, thus being the first global development where the director chooses every moment the most suitable format for your production.

The Sparta was (and still is) the first and only digital cinema camera designed in Spain, the third in Europe and the fifth worldwide, which has allowed us to demonstrate our potential in R&D.

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Albo Energy - Tango - Electric heater water of low consumption

With the Tango we started in 2004 a new challenge in high energy efficiency on heat water systems, and today we achieve it with a technological product that we have designed to produce abundant domestic hot water with an energy saving equal to 15 times less in comparison to most very inefficient domestic water heaters, and in a model that is able to heat very fast, many liters of water at 95°C (203°F) of temperature.

The Tango is a very low consumption technology, 400 W only, which is nothing more than €1.6 per month of electrical expenditure on consumer bills, and the recently proposed limitations in domestic power consumption –in the EU– make the Tango a more than necessary product in your home.

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Albo Energy - Aerocam

Designed in 2003, the Aerocam is an aerial robotic system of motion control for TV and film cameras, suspended from cables.

A system that today is used in all areas of audiovisual production, be it in the sports, in music shows and in football where it has shown its greatest potential with aerial 3D motions that allow it to achieve incredible positions of the camera, with impressive aerial point-of-views of the game.

Albo Energy - Quote

Here we think...

At Albo we think that good ideas are to be put into practice.

If you are an investor looking for new business opportunities, and in markets that demand solutions of great added value, then feel free to contact us and we will find the best way to do something together.

And, of course, remember this:

If someone tells you that something can not be done, he is just telling you that HE can not do it...

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